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Hey guys!

I'm currently writing a DEXTER/SUPERNATURAL crossoverfic. =3 Now I know that's rare and a lot of people aren't into both shows-- but nonetheless, I'm going to attempt it, I have a plot illustrated out, about four thousand words already written on the first installment and I just need a beta to walk me along the way to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong or OCC.
  • This fic will contain slash between Dexter and Dean.
  • Have heavily implied Sam/Dean.
  • Will follow canon logic as thoroughly as possible.
  • Will contain spoilers up until 6X11 (supernatural) and 5X12 (dexter).
I would like someone that's helpful, responsive, active-- and will stay with me until the fic is finished! They should have an understanding of both shows and a decent aptitude in spotting out grammatical errors. =3

Anyone who chooses to be my beta, please leave behind an AIM or MSN (msn is more appreciated) -- and I'll contact you. Though, communicating from Livejournal is awesome as well. =3 Just lemme know.
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So. I kinda spent an hour messing around with the CSS on my LJ layout-- and I came up with something completely different. I hope ya'll like the new layout. This time-- I'm not changing this for a while-- cause I just spend about two hours doing this, in-between introduction. <3

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Well. I suck at manips-- I seriously do-- but sometimes, accidents turn out to be awesome.
So I made this one awesome manip and a lot of Thirteen/Dean (Jensen/Olivia) spam graphics.

Now, its probably one of the rarest crack ships ever, but it does exist. And ya'll already know that I'm a hardcore Sam/Dean shipper.
And it does not in any way reflect them. If Dean were to be with a woman, I see Thirteen being it. <3 Why? Cause she's hot and I'm biased. <3

No... that's really not the reason, but I don't feel like typing up a freakin' analysis essay on why Thirteen/Dean belong together (REASON NUMBER ONE. THEY RHYME). Anyways, here is a preview and ya'll could click under the cut for more.

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